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So… Christmas has come and gone and we are whirling headlong into 2017! This is the time we promise ourselves new and wonderful things we’ll do differently in the New Year.  Approximately 14 days in a lot of us will revert to exactly what we’ve been doing the year before and the 5 years before that!  I’ve decided to not do resolutions this New Year.  2016 did not turn out exactly how I had hoped.  All the planning in the world could not prevent “life” from happening.

My New Approach To New Year Resolutions

The title of this post is a little misleading {no new yea resolutions was my original plan!}, instead of the same old same, I’m using a new approach {at least new to me} to making resolutions. The first step is to live life organically, allowing my life to unfold freely without restrictions on myself. I do plan to fly completely out of my comfort zone! I’ll be 54 in January, It’s about time!  I read the above-captioned quote on Twitter, which actually inspired me to write this post. Technically the quote above is my entire blog post, but I felt I should explain a little further.  This quote really encouraged me to rethink how I’m going to approach the topic of resolutions. It’s time to think outside the box!

When I first saw this quote it really struck a cord with me because I do believe it’s true that resolutions can become overwhelming as you try to keep multiple promises to yourself, which in your heart you know you can’t keep for 365 days.  This is the reason we tend to throw in the towel so early on. Maybe waking up each morning and setting a resolution for the day and journaling about it daily will make things much more attainable.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, these mini resolutions will turn into the great big resolution you were aspiring to in the first place.

I’m very much looking forward to 2017, but I’m not approaching the New Year the way I have years past.  A New Year is always exciting and open to so many possibilities, giving us a chance to hit the reset button and start anew.  For me approaching the New Year in this novel way is something I’m very much looking forward to. I’ll keep you posted!

I’d love to hear your approach to 2017… Happy New Year!

Stay tuned for my upcoming post regarding my new way of journaling using the “Five Minute Journal” method, which I’m hoping will help me attain and keep my daily resolutions.


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