Baby It’s Cold Outside!!


Cold Vibes

Oh, my goodness is it COLD or WHAT!!!

We’re only on day four of the new year and old man winter is showing off! I spent the day basically doing nothing, which for me was a great thing to do, as I’m going to have a lot going on this year. I’m gearing up for my birthday on 1/21, which is a big one; and also the start of my personal new year which is when I’m going to start implementing everything I’ve listed in my 2018 journal, yes I’m going big this year and stepping out of my comfort zone {more on that in another post}.

These were the things which were important to me today in this order…

  • 2018 planner
  • Gratitude Journal √
  • Magazines √
  • Lots of tea √
  • Having good conversation √
  • Food delivery √
  • Bubble bath
  • NetFlix

Taking time out for you is super important and necessary.  Yes, it’s early in the year, but you still deserve to take time out if your body tells you to, there will be plenty of time to get those new year goals in order.

It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow… Brrr… So bundle up, drive safely and take care of YOU!

Some of you on Instagram have asked where I purchased my fur Trapper John Hat, here is one similar from Amazon, which is where I purchased mine 4 years ago.


Live Big & Live Every Moment




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