Best 10 Minute Workout For Fabulous Arms…


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Let’s Get To Work For Great Arms!


Arms… Now that spring is here, are you in the process of getting your summer body together?

There’s nothing sexier, than beautifully toned arms in a gorgeous summer dress.  As a time-enriched 50+ woman, working out is even more important to remain toned and prevent the saggy turkey look!

Looking for Michelle Obama’s arms?  Here’s a workout from PopSugar Fitness, I’ve been incorporating into my daily routine for a while now using 5lb dumb bells {I’m upgrading to 10lbs very soon}; I do these every morning and evening and thought it would be great to share this video with you.

As a bonus, with this particular workout, you’re also toning your core, so you’re getting two for one in 10 minutes {flat tummy anyone!}. I love PopSugar workouts, they are tailored especially for women, and you truly do get great results, without bulking up; being toned is absolutely sexy!

Aren’t you worth 10 minutes? Stop bingeing Netflix, get off the couch and tone up! Summer’s nearly here!

Click here to start your journey to fabulously toned arms


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