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I’ve been living in the States for quite a while now and have traveled quite a bit, somehow since living here I’ve never made it to Charlotte North Carolina until now.  I’d been invited down to Charlotte for the Memorial weekend and what a lovely city it is. I made it to the popular Central Avenue District and here are my suggestions for eating and shopping:

Shopping in Charlotte


Fifteen Ten – Antiques  ~ 1510 Central Ave

If you’re a true thrifting connoisseur you’ll love this store, which is chock full of furniture, crockery, books, chandeliers, you name it.  There so much stuff here, there’s barely any walking room, but in my opinion, it’s a vintage and thrifting dream. If I lived in the area, I would furnish my home beautifully with gorgeous items from this store. I purchased an early edition, Sidney Sheldon, three-volume book, I’ve been reading his work for years. If you’re as old as I am, you may remember he was the creator of the sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie“.

Reggae Central ~ 1506 Central Avenue

If you have West Indian roots (especially Jamaican like myself), this store is for you.  All of your red, gold and green paraphernalia is here.  Lovely handmade hats, bags, and jewelry.  If you’re ever in the area, ask for the owner Nikki who I talked to for an hour and a half, giving me the scoop on everything West Indian in the area.

Cltch ~ 1512 Central Ave

Cltch {the “U” is missing, the first 3 letters stand for Charlotte} was my absolutely favourite store in Charlotte.  Elegantly laid out with beautiful jewelry, handbags, accessories and candles, I spent quite a bit in this store and also spent some time talking to Scott who was so nice and even invited me to a party that evening. Visit their Facebook page here

Buffalo Exchange ~ 1521 Central Ave

So… Buffalo Exchange is obviously the place to be on a Saturday afternoon. Lot’s of twenty-somethings looking for the perfect Saturday night outfit.  Buffalo Exchange stocks recycled and new items. At first I was not super impressed, but after looking up on the wall {I always look up in a thrift store, for some reason the best things are on the wall}, I spotted a gorgeous camel coloured leather bag, which turned out to be an Emma Fox Handbag in the most buttery leather for $28 – After purchasing and researching, I find out the bag retails for $300 and is listed on Tradsy and Posh for approximately $100-$130! Not a bad score for a Saturday afternoon.  Apparently, there’s a store here in DC which I did not know about. Visit here


The Workman’s Friend ~ 1531 Central Ave

After all that shopping I now needed something to eat, Scott at Cltch suggested The Workman’s Friend, since he figured out I was a Brit, he thought, I’d like some Irish food, which is pretty much the same thing. After a bag of real English chips (fries) and a homemade sausage roll. I was good to go.  I topped this off with a cocktail called A Fine Thing, made with Prosecco, Lavender honey and fresh lemon juice, which I am going to attempt to make at home. Visit them here

Soul Gastro Lounge ~ 1500 Central Ave

Another recommendation of Scotts, was Soul Gastro Lounge – This spot was also the location of his party that night {I was too pooped to attended} Loved this place, had a very New York vibe, with great small plates and cocktails, I had the Scottish Heather cocktail and the Anchovie Fries, which were both very delicious… Yum!  Visit their site here

As far as I’m concerned, Southern charm does exist, everyone, I met was very friendly and ready to stop and chat, and of course having an English accent is always a plus!  Stay tuned for my next post featuring a few more stores which peaked my interested.


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