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I’m nearly there!!! Style1963 is nearly up and running.  It’s true what they say, there never is a perfect time to start a new venture. Things are never as exact or as perfect as you may want them to be. I’ve been working on this new blog since the latter part of 2015, and I thought I would have launched by now.  Needless to say, as you can see, it’s still a work in progress.  I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself and I’ve thrown perfection out the door (though not completely!); life happens and you roll with the punches, then you get up brush yourself off and step right back into your high heeled shoes or your flats, whichever makes you feel fabulous.</p>

What is Style1963? Style1963 is my platform geared towards the woman 50 and beyond.  Please don’t think my younger sisters  in fab are not welcome here, yes you are, we all learn something new from each other every single day and I’d love to share.  I created this lifestyle brand, because, in my opinion, there just aren’t enough websites/blogs geared towards the mature woman.  I’m not criticizing those who blog this way, but too many blogs are photos of the outfit of the day with the same poses and not too much creativity;  I’ve just gotten a little bored with that.  To be honest, Style1963 is more than a blog, it a BRAND, there’s so much coming out of the Style1963 studio, I can’t wait to show you.

At Style1963, you’ll find elegance, quirkiness, style, anything to make you think and feel your best. It’s all about living your best life now.

In the meantime, fill out the form below so that I can keep you up to date on the website launch and all the surprises in store.





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