…And So The Holidays Have Officially Begun!


The Holidays Are In Full Effect

So… The Thanksgiving holidays are over, the leftover turkey {if any} has been carved up, placed in Zip Loc bags and placed in the freezer, the fridge is still packed with various sorts of pies.

We are now truly in the season full of holiday shopping and decorating our homes for the upcoming Christmas season.

As much as I don’t care for this time of year weatherwise, I do love the Christmas holidays with all the decorating and putting up a tree in my own home.

Here are 5 tips to help you through this holiday season.

  1. Take it easy, take everything in stride… DO NOT STRESS YOURSELF OUT! For some reason some of us go overboard and make ourselves ill, it really isn’t that serious!
  2. Before going to the stores, make a list, don’t go empty-handed,  you’re setting yourself up for frustration
  3. Try to limit yourself to 3 stores in close proximity to each other where you can buy ALL of your gifts, no need to run all over town or better yet shop online!
  4. If you’re a last minute shopper or just can’t think of anything, a gift card in a nice denomination always goes down well – Preferably Visa or Mastercard
  5. If you can, shop at least 2 weeks ahead of Christmas, this way you avoid the last minute shoppers and all the other craziness which happens towards the end.

♥  Have yourself a glass of real eggnog when you get home!


Happy Shopping Darlings!



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