It’s Flower Time!! Treat Yourself, You’re Worth It!


Flower Lover & Self-Care Ambassador

You’re a unique flower… Do you treat yourself to flowers on a regular basis? I do!!  Whether married or single the number one way to brighten your home and show love to yourself is to buy yourself some roses (or whatever you like!) I love the whole process of buying flowers, seeing which are fresh, which not so much, trying to imagine what they would look like in my home, where I’m going to place them; then once I get them home, preparing them and choosing which of the many vases I’m going to display them in. Lve The Process!

No matter what is going on in my life, I always pick up a bunch of flowers once a week, sometimes two, if there is a good deal going on somewhere.  A lot of my flowers come from Trader Joes, Whole Foods, and even Walmart which has surprised me. When I can I go to Costco because there you can buy two dozen roses for $14.99 which is fantastic.

Don’t wait for someone to buy flowers for you, even though that is something special, make a habit of picking up a bunch for yourself, even if it’s twice a month, which gives your significant other if you have one, something to do.

You’ll see similar posts from time to time about buying flowers for yourself, it’s important to me to remind you to do something beautiful for YOU on a regular basis.

Pick up a bunch of flowers and start your self-care weekend today!

You’re worth it

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