June, Swimsuits, Oversize Sunnies, Barbecues and Fun…


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June, Swimsuits, Oversize Sunnies, Barbecues and Fun...



Can you really believe it’s already June?? 2017 is now 6 months in and I for one, feel like I’m spinning with the speed with which this year is flying by.

The great news is, summer begins on June 2193 days of heat, humidity, barbecues, swimsuits, beaches, tall cocktails with umbrellas and everyone looking as beautiful as they can in the glow of summer. Remember ladies now is the time to really protect your mature skin with a great moisturizer and sunscreen for your shoulders and arms {and all over if wearing a swimsuit}. No matter what ethnicity you are we ALL need sunscreen.  I use SPF 45-50 as I do burn easily and skin cancer is not an option if I can help it!

This is our time of strappy heels, sundresses, and vintage baskets; wide brimmed sunhats, jingly jewelry and as little makeup as possible; because let’s admit, who likes to be melting in 90-degree heat! I myself use Clinique’s Pore Refining Solutions in Deep which smooths me out, shape my brows with NYX’s brow pencil and use my new best friend, Clinique’s Chubby Lash Fattening  Mascara. I’ll probably top it all off with a nude lipstick. Any more than that and I feel I have to carry around a wad of paper towels to pat myself down and who really has time for all of that when you’re trying to look stylishly cool.

And remember ladies…. Staying hydrated is KEY!

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting style inspiration to stay chic and cool for summer ’17






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