Kenzo Flower, Bulgarian Rose & Vanilla


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Kenzo Flower Love

This Kenzo fragrance has been around for a while, it was originally launched in 2000.   My first time smelling this scent was while traveling to Charlotte a few weeks ago. The smell is really lovely, tickling your nose with a very soft and floral scent, with notes of violet, vanilla, and rose, which are actually 2 of my favourite scents.

The very interesting and unique bottle stands rather tall and majestic the sketched Poppy adding an elegant touch.  I just found out that the Flower by Kenzo bottle is refillable which I have been unable to find, but if you can find it, I think, this is a great way to reuse this, gorgeous bottle you would not want to throw away.

I found the 3.4 Fl. oz. Eau de Parfum for a great price here.

If you hurry to my IG stories, you’ll see me having fun unwrapping this beauty.

Treat yourself to a bottle, you deserve it



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