Let’s Ring In The New Year 2018!!


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2018 Here We Come!

My word for 2018… BLOSSOM –  Noun: to flourish; develop (often followed by into or out):


It’s the New Year!!  This is the year to truly step out of your comfort zone to finally DO the things you’ve been meaning to do over the last eight years.   Yes, I said 8 years!! Some of us have said to ourselves, “I’ll do it in the New Year”  Maybe 8, 6, 2 brand new years have passed you by and you still haven’t moved out of your comfort zone, you still haven’t done that special thing for YOU!

Remember “7” is the number of completion, The number “8” represents new beginnings.

Let 2018 Be The Year You Blossom!

This is the year to:

  • Make amends with your past, let it/them go!
  • Take that yoga class
  • Write that e-book
  • Start that blog
  • Go on a sabbatical
  • Visit that country you’ve had on your vision board forever
  • Travel by yourself if no one wants to go with you {no more excuses}
  • Learn a new language
  • Start your business {even if it’s part-time while working a full-time job}
  • Leave that full-time job to run your business
  • Leave that job you hate and find a new one
    {collecting a biweekly cheque from a job you hate is not the way to live}
  • Volunteer at that charity you’ve been meaning to
  • Fill in the blanks and live your LIFE!!!



Some things are assigned to your past
Which are not assigned to your future
In other words… BLOOM ON!



I’ve created a new hashtag on Instagram – #LIVEBIGANDBLOOM – For me, 2018 is about Living Big and BLOOMING for all I’m worth! I’d love you to join me in using this hashtag to show how you’re stepping out of your comfort zone and doing special things for you!  We all have to start with baby steps, it doesn’t have to be grand, to begin with, just use the hashtag and show how you’re taking 2018 by storm!

Let’s see our progress over the next 365 days.  Thinking and being small is not an option!

Start doing whatever it is you’ve been putting off… DO IT NOW! START TODAY!



Live Big & BLOOM

The Instagram Takeaway

Wishing You a Prosperous & Fabulously Chic New Year!




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