Let’s Talk About My Self Care Weekend…


Talk about having a great day!! The stars aligned and everything I set out to do I accomplished. I could not have asked for a better day!

Self Care Weekend!

Now let’s have a quick chat about my Self Care Weekend! Self Care Weekend has turned into Self Care Daily.  There is no reason on this earth why I should not treat myself like a Queen every day!! This weekend brought clarity and reminded me why I do the things I do, why I’ve put certain things in motion and I remembered I’m truly on my way. I also had a chance to mentally restructure where I’m going with my company and my life.

This weekend reminded me to be kind to myself and more importantly to not pay attention to what other’s are doing. It also showed me a path I had no business going down and have now made a life adjustment. Checking yourself is also mandatory!

Another great thing which happened was I was able to think of some great ideas for my blog… Stay Tuned!

What I actually accomplished from my Self Care Weekend List… See original post here

  1. Got my nails done
  2. I did get a facial
  3. Had a lovely Mimosa
  4. Treated myself to dinner at my favourite spot
  5. I refrained from Social Media for 72 hours… Yay!
  6. Caught up on my audiobooks. I love Audible, best thing ever!
  7. Minimized my Netflix viewing. I watched a total of 1 hour the entire weekend
  8. Had 2 glasses of red wine {tried something new}
  9. Took time out to meditate and chill
  10. Prayed for guidance – My spiritual life is very important to me.

I did not accomplish everything on my original list, but you know what? That’s OK, there will be other days to do those things, the most important thing is I’ve truly realized I need to take time out for me in order to take myself to the next level and that’s what I’m going to do!

See you soon Darlings




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