Lipstick, Lipgloss, How Much I Love Thee!



I’ve been asked by a few people what colour lipstick am I wearing in my selfies on Instagram… Here you go💋

1. MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl
2. Milani Lipstick in Teddy Bare
3. Bobby Brown Lip Gloss in Rose Gold💄

Simple no fuss! My motto when it comes to my everyday makeup.  I love a neutral lip, although, sometimes I love to go bolder with a statement red {Tom Ford’s Cherry Lush} or fuschia. I used to buy only the most expensive lipsticks, glosses etc., but after forgetting my makeup bag one day a couple of years ago; and having to run into my local drugstore, I’ve come to appreciate the drugstore brands like Milani.  The lipsticks and glosses from this brand are long lasting, smooth and creamy and not sticky like one expensive brand I won’t mention.  In my opinion, I get as much bang for my buck as my $50 Tom Ford lipstick.

Today I no longer just go by brand names, now I buy what I like and what makes me happy, whether it’s cheap, expensive or somewhere in between.

Buy MAC Lip Pencil in Whirl here

Buy Bobbi Brown Gloss in Rose Gold  here



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