Self Care Weekend, Pamper, Care, Love!



Taking Care of You!

It’s a much-needed Self-Care Weekend, which is very much overdue.  What are you doing for YOU this weekend?

I’m going to…

1. Go to Gentle Yoga – I haven’t been in a while and I need to stretch and get back into my routine slowly

2. Treat myself to a Vitamin C Facial

3. Enjoy a candlelight soak in the tub, accompanied by some smooth jazz via Alexa

4. Refrain from Social Media for at least 24 hours 

5. Read at least 3 of my downloaded lesson plans on the Bible app.

6. Catch up on my “The Secret Daily Teachings” {I’m a couple of days behind}

7. Instead of binge-watching Netflix I’m going to finish the book “Uninvited” by Lysa Terkeurst, which I started a while back with a nice glass of wine 

8. Drink lots of ginger tea while journaling

9. Have at least one mimosa 

10. Take time out to meditate and be still… Ohmmm…

Whatever you choose to do this weekend… Enjoy, Be Kind to yourself & Just do You!


See you soon Darlings





2 Responses
  • Tashira
    October 7, 2017

    All great things! I’d love to hear more about The Secret Daily Teachings. I love daily motivational readings.

    xo Tashira

    • Maylana
      October 7, 2017

      Hi, Tashira,

      You’ll find it in the App store if you have an iPhone, I’m sure it’s also available for Android. You’ll love it. It gives you a daily inspiration quote/verse by date to motivate you throughout your day. I really love it and find it inspiring.

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