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Wow, Darlings, it’s been awhile!

Instagram Missing

Lots of changes which have kept me from blogging, but now that I’ve gotten my schedule on track, I should be getting back to my regularly scheduled program.

So… on Friday, my Instagram account disappeared…. WHAT!!!  At first glance I have to admit, I was not too thrilled, 3 years of work gone down the drain! I then decided that there are far worse things happening in this world; my account disappearing was really the least important thing. I’ve got 4 accounts on Instagram, so I turned to account #2 – 24 hours later that account disappeared too.

It turns out Instagram had been hacked on August 24 and over the next few days 6 million accounts went missing.  What’s interesting IG released a statement that it was only high-profile accounts affected, it turns out that other users had been affected too? This information was released by various tech magazines.

After reading IG’s terms of agreement one thing was clear, even though this was not directly IG’s fault, IG can disable your account at any time without reason.  Reading IG’s fine print was an interesting read and I suggest that you take the time to read it too. I decided to leave things alone and see what they would do after the holiday weekend {I went thrifting}. I was prepared to start from scratch and organically rebuild my following, who have been good to me and my business.  What I was NOT prepared to do, was to BUY FOLLOWERS, for me that is a NO NO!! I much prefer real followers whom I interact with, I don’t want a bunch of young kids from foreign countries with private accounts which is what you get when you buy 1000’s of followers just for show!

Instagram fixed the problem yesterday, which was much faster than I expected.

Lesson of The Day

The platform Instagram does not belong to me {or you for that matter}.  It is a FREE site where we are allowed at IG’s discretion to upload our photos.  Style1963 {this site} belongs to me. I’ve paid for the domain name, paid for hosting, and other business licenses, therefore I OWN IT!! I cannot be kicked off unless of course, a server is down, which thank goodness hasn’t happened.

Lana’s Quote of the Day

Don’t get too attached to something which does not belong to you and which you did not pay for!!!


4 Responses
  • Lona
    September 5, 2017

    Hey Doll, I’m so glad that you got your account back. I don’t know what is happening with IG lately, but to be honest, I’m getting frustrated. I keep my account because I’ve met so many amazing people and just don’t want to lose contact with them.

    Have an amazing week!

  • Maylana
    September 5, 2017

    Hi Lona, I feel exactly the same way. When my 2nd account disappeared I truly thought about just giving it rest. there have been strange things going on lately. I’ve met some great people like yourself, do we’ll see! Thanks for stopping by!

  • Felicia
    September 7, 2017

    Lesson Learned for me as well! Your positive attitude is contagious! Remarkable women you are!!

  • Felicia
    September 7, 2017

    Remarkable Woman you are !’

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