You Are A Time Enriched Wonder Woman…


What does it take to be a Time-Enriched Wonder Woman?  She is an all important woman, who knows who she is. She’s fly, funky and ageless {a term you’re going to hear often on this blog}, she has confidence that has taken years to build.  Wonder Women refuse to live in fear; she lives boldly! She does not compare herself to others, she lives life on her own terms.  A Wonder Woman lives in the moment and not in the past. No matter how difficult the past may have been, she does her best to not let it define her.


  1. Wonder Women always keeps a cool head {at least 90% of the time, the other 10% it’s probably best to stay away!}.

  3. Other people’s issues do not become her own.  She listens, empathizes, gives solid advice without taking on the baggage of others.

  5. Wonder Women set healthy boundaries. She walks away from any situation, which does not help her to grow. Click here to read a great article on walking away from negative energy.

  7. Self-assured women not only admit their imperfections, they applaud them. They know where their strengths lie, and where are always trying to improve themselves.

  9. Confidence is her calling card.  She does not need someone to complete her; she would rather be in a relationship where they can enhance each other.

  11. No matter what the circumstance is, confident women strive to understand their emotions AND own up to them.

  13. Wonder Women trust themselves and the decisions they make.

Being a Time-Enriched Wonder Woman is not easy every single day, some days you want to curl up on the sofa in your P.J’s, drink tea and binge watch the Steve Harvey show! The most important thing is it she’s here, and she’s here to stay!



You Are A Time Enriched Wonder Woman...


Jacket: Zara Editorial


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