What’s The Rush???


Let’s stop rushing!!! I hope you’re all enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to the new year ahead… Let’s talk about that for a minute!

The Big Rush

I’ve noticed on Instagram, that there is a rush to get there.  Yes, it’s exciting to start a new year, begin anew with a clean slate, start new goals etc; but what I’ve noticed is that no one seems to be enjoying the moment they are in.  There was a hurry for spring, to summer, and then a rush to fall.  I even noticed some people took their Christmas trees down on Christmas day bemoaning the fact Christmas is over once the gifts were open!!! Or took them down the next day.  Is this because Christmas trees seem to be going up after Halloween and Thanksgiving? Why the hurry? The holiday spirit was one big RUSH!

My Opinion

In my opinion, it seems that most people {see I said “most“} seem to want to show off the next “thing and/or season” in their super perfect Instagram homes, and show everyone their super perfect “Instagram Lives”. What happened to enjoying the moment we are currently in? What happened to feeling blessed and savouring the day?  Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us, but in this Instagram world, it just seems to be a big hurry to be done with the current season we are in and move on to the next “thing”.

I truly understand that for some 2017 may not have been their best year, but you’re still blessed to have lived through it and hopefully learned from whatever did not work out for you.

Let’s stop for a minute and savour the days we actually have, meaning TODAY – RIGHT NOW! Let’s not be in such a rush to get to the next thing.  You and I both know those little IG squares do not even begin to tell the true story of these perfect Instagram lives.

I don’t want to rush time, I want to drink tea, drink champagne, journal, meet with friends, pamper my self with a self-care day, run/grow my business and have a great time TODAY!

Again…  Tomorrow is not guaranteed to any of us! Like everyone else, I’m really looking forward and preparing for 2018, but at the same time, I’m enjoying RIGHT NOW!

Have a cup of tea or a glass of champagne and SLOW DOWN!!!!





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