Who Is The Style1963 Woman?


Who is the Style1963 woman?  She is whom I call a time-enriched woman who is 50 and over {and yes, my sisters 40 and over are included too}.  The time enriched woman is an expression I prefer to use instead of 50 plus or over 50, which for some reason tends to have negative connotations which I don ‘t quite understand, but that’s for another blog post.  We are not our mothers’ 50’s. The age 50 and over 30 years ago was very different, today we are healthier, fitter, more active and overall a different type of woman.

We are fun, funky and ageless, loving life and living it as we see fit. We travel more, we are more aware of what’s going on in the world, we are more open to experiencing new things and due to diet and exercise we are living longer.  We also tend to have a more youthful appearance, which once again is attributed to eating clean, exercise, advances in skin and hair care, and the use of natural products on our skin.  I truly do believe 50+ is the new 30+

The Style1963 woman knows exactly who she is!

This is my arena to empower the time-enriched woman.  To let you know that because you’ve been through the fire of life and risen like a Phoenix to become the woman you are today, you deserve to be the woman you want to be.  This is your time!

This blog will not be stuffy or anything close to an AARP magazine, which I feel needs a complete overhaul, but again that’s a blog post for another day. This is my space to let you know you can be as chic, funky, young at heart, elegant, quirky, whoever you care to be. If you like short skirts, wear short skirts, do you love sky-high heels, wear them, my point is, just do you. The term “age appropriate” bothers me, it’s restrictive and confining; in my world, if you can carry it off, then go for it, if you can’t then make adjustments, tilt your crown and put your best foot forward.

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