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It’s usually hit or miss for me with Zara’s shoes, but when I do hit, for me it’s a big score.  As I’ve become more of a time-enriched woman, my shoe choices have changed.  For 30 plus years I ran around in 4-5 inch heels.  I clearly remember striding the streets of NY in 4″ heels without a second thought, walking for blocks in absolute bliss.  Alas… Those days are gone.  I still love my high heels, but I’ve now developed a love for flats. Now I have to say I NEVER thought the day would come that I would EVER say I love flats. I did not own a pair of flats for most of those 30 years, except for the time when ballet flats came into vogue in the mid 90’s, which I still love to this day.


Today it’s rare to not see me day to day in a pair of flats.  Flat shoes have come a long way since their prior boring existence and these elegant micro studded beauties from Zara prove it. Today is my first day wearing them, and they’ve survived the walk to the metro, so they’ve proved their worth. Very comfy and super elegant. Even though I don’t wear flats for evening wear {I”ll never completely retire my heels!}, I could see myself wearing these with a pair of cigarette pants and a flowy top. accessorized with a tiny studded clutch

You can find these studded lovelies here♥

Zara Find... Style1963 Style Pick!



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  • Felicia
    March 25, 2017

    Totally agree. I was a high heel person and would not get caught wearing a pair of flats. I equate flats these days to the good ole Amex card “don’t leave home without it ” ❤️

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